Wedding photos: Edyta & Steve

Edyta and Steve. One of the most touching weddings organised last year, alongside the most picturesque scenery.

How moving the ceremony was could be proved scientifically, since the marriage counsellor almost burst in tears, and it hadn’t been the first time I’d see this lady there conducting ceremonies to other most charming couples and she’d shed no tears. Even the translator was touched!

By the way, I recently read an article on ceremonial uniforms of the Scots (to all sceptics, drop me a line, I’ll send you the link). The article in detail described all the key elements of the Scottish outfit, such as the tartan, kilt and all the hard work to make those, as well as a badger sporran and the Scottish dagger worn in a sock. And as far as at the end of the last paragraph it was mentioned that women in Scotland have their own dress too, and it also has a name, but on the whole clothes don’t make the man, period.

Well, they do, enjoy the session!

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