Agata 3 years later. A studio photoshoot

Photography may refer to an old life’s quote ‘nothing is perfect’, that is nothing is either genuinely black or white. In theory one can say something is perfectly white or black. But, between theory and practice, only theory remains unchanged.

The photos of cheap chain high-street shops will depict black colour as barely dark brown and white as light beige. Best papers and fine-art canvas also reflect the details of black and white colours differently all the time. Each has different density and shine; from a full matt, through pearl, glassy, metallic, to a typical “glossy”

Hence, no matter how much you will cry or shout, nothing can persuade us that everything is either black or white. That is said in case somebody flicking through my photos will wonder why I like to shoot black objects on black backgrounds.

But talking about the session…

But talking about the session, I had a pleasure to photograph Agata yet three years ago. That was a pretty feminine shoot in an apartment, with the use of daylight and likewise atmosphere. If you’re interested in finding out what the photo shoot in a studio is about, I hope you’ll find this post helpful.

The session took place in the Sztos Studio. Agata Woźniak was a model.

Asia Marzena Kijak took care of make-up and hairstyle.

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