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is a great idea for a modern woman or guy who cares about his image. It is also an opportunity to break away from hard-working reality, go crazy and give yourself a little bit of pleasure. The best time for a photo shoot is when you want to change something in your life: meet new people, find a better job, discover a new self, or just see how it is. The most popular session types are

Many people are afraid of photo sessions because they are ashamed to be photographed, think they can’t cope in front of the lens, are ashamed to ask for details or are afraid how they will be received. But the only real danger is that by not having a professional photo you will lose the opportunity to get a new job or meet someone special!

  • So if you also need exceptional photos and are looking for an experienced photographer
  • you need an idea for an unusual gift
  • you like accuracy in every detail
  • if you prefer a session where the photographer has a lot of time for you and will suggest the best poses for you
  • you want to order a session without any problems and with a guarantee of satisfaction
  • …I invite you to check the availability and prices

A professional photographer is always a guarantee that the session will be impressive, effective and the result will pleasantly surprise you. You’ll stop wondering if you’re attractive just how to show it better

No human rights were breached in creating this gallery; only photos of the those who consented to it were published. The photos can be of a lower resolution (than their actual) so as to upload quicker.

Photo session. What is it like?

During each session I take care of a friendly atmosphere, suggest the best poses and set the light to highlight your strengths and leave the downsides in the shade. I take plenty of photos so that we can select the best ones for you.

After the session you will receive a thumbnail of photos with my suggestions marked. You can either accept or change my choice. You can also request more photos than included in the standard package.

At a specified time after the session, you will receive a download, on a DVD or USB stick, containing the electronic version of all photos (high resolution and Internet-adapted) and an album or printouts (depending on the option you selected).

In the case of an individual session, you needn’t agree to have your photos published on the website


First of all, be well-rested. In particular, mind your intake of alcohol – it often comes out better in pictures than in a breathalyser.

Regardless of the type and purpose of a session, it’s worth having with you a few pairs of shoes and jewellery (different for each creation). Then, the photos will be diverse and won’t look as if taken at one time.

If there’s no specific goal in mind, it’s always worth taking a few sets of clothes, something elegant, sporty and casual.

How are the prices of photo sessions calculated in general?

Prices are varied and many myths are circulating around them.

Myth no. 1 – an outdoor photo session is more expensive than a studio one. Not necessarily, because no studio time is required for it, but then we sort of have to rely on the natural light and weather.

A good studio session offers a full control over the final effect (because you can freely operate the light with a proper setting of lamps and modifiers), but bear in mind that a specially darkened room, backgrounds, lamps must cost, which increases the final cost of a session accordingly.

Myth no. 2 – an outdoor session is more expensive as a photographer has to leave the studio.

Not true – it’s a studio photo session that always requires more effort from the photographer, because each effect must be developed with the help of an appropriate light handling. Often, the effect requires moving “from one lamp to another”, either alone or with an assistant.

Of course, it’s hard to expect a professional session at a price of 400 PLN, while it only covers the price for booking a professional and / or make-up. And still you need a photographer too.

In my opinion, the best conversion rate is approx. 200 PLN per hour of the photographer’s work on the set + 90 PLN per hour of editing + session costs (the studio rent plus make-up)

My priority is to make the most interesting and varied material on the set, so that there’s a lot to choose from and to edit the photos as best as possible. Each option can be personalised, but in terms of money, it may be best for you to use the ready-made “session packages”.

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