Photo sessions

Photo shoot: what does it mean? What types are there? How to prepare? How do the sessions conducted by me differ from others?

Here you will find everything you want to know about the photo shoot, and even what you don’t yet know you should ask about.

sesja zdjęciowa - zdjęcia modelki przy lustrze

photo session – what does that mean?

A photo shoot is an event during which a photographer takes pictures of a certain person or group of people.

However, it refers to an event aimed at creating specific photos, and its course is dedicated to achieving this effect. This is facilitated by wardrobe, makeup, hair styling, and, most importantly, control over lighting.

The session can be portrait, fashion, commercial, or wedding.

What a photo session is not?

There’s also a lot of misinformation on the internet about what photo shoots are.

It’s not yet a photo shoot when you arrange to meet a photographer outdoors to take a few pictures. Nor can you call the act of making a photo reportage from an event a photo shoot. In such a situation, the photographer must adapt to the event’s schedule and the lighting on-site, rather than intervening in it. Landscape photography cannot be called a photo shoot either.

When you should order a session?

It’s worth opting for a photo shoot when you need very high-quality pictures! Usually, these include: Your photos! An exclusive gift for yourself – a photo session is a triple pleasure because 1 you create, 2 you have a great time during the session, and 3 the result stays with you forever

Professional image – thanks to the session, you can appear better than the competition or get a better job

Wedding – the session will help create beautiful, refined photos, while during the wedding, we focus on spontaneity and reportage Photos showcasing your product or offer: You’ll sell it for more and earn from it

You’ll sell more of it and earn from it

What I do?

i perform sessions:

  • image, business portrait
  • female (nude, sensual)
  • family
  • wedding and engagement sessions

I don`t do:

product, interior and child sessions

How much does it coast?

Session`s price elements are:

  • cost of the photographer’s work on-site
  • location cost
  • makeup cost
  • hairdresser cost
  • cost of retouching – photo retouching costs range from 15 PLN / piece for original editing without local adaptations to several thousand for large-format photos intended to hang on a building wall.
  • cost of photos (photographer taking photos based on their own idea and settings, holds the property copyright to them and can sell them)
  • other local and logistical fees

This is what it looks like when the photo shoot is organized by the photographer themselves or you do it yourself. If the session is organized by a specialized agency, agency fees should also be added to the prices.


I invite you to visit my photo gallery. If the style appeals to you or aligns with what you’re aiming to achieve, then, of course, I welcome you to get in touch.

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