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Dreaming of unique photos that present your body in an artistic and beautiful way? In the world of photography, nudity is a form of expression, so you don’t have to keep your dreams hidden. An artistic nude session is a remarkable opportunity to celebrate the beauty of femininity and create something that will be solely yours

Is nude photography something for you?

With an artistic nude session, you can:

  • when you have a good reason (anniversary, birthday, because your husband has been nagging for a long time) or
  • when you just feel like it
highlight unique beauty
build confidence
a new perspective on your own body
professional retouching
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photos that nobody else has
a gift idea that no one else will think of
breaking barriers
artistic self-expression

I primarily direct my offer of sensual sessions to those who have no posing experience but dream of a session where they’ll feel comfortable; a beautiful location, care of an experienced makeup artist, and advanced photo retouching.

When is the best time to order a session for yourself? Obviously, now. I mean, don’t wait to “break through” because the more time passes, the harder it is to get started. I particularly don’t believe in slimming down for the session – true art lies in self-acceptance, and the session provides many tools to look as beautiful as possible in photos. These include the right pose, light, and retouch – methods much faster than laboriously shedding pounds at the gym.

What does a nude session give you?

It’s worth deciding on a session if you

  • dream of more self-confidence
  • want to give yourself a special gift
  • want to “produce” an unusual decoration for the bedroom
  • like photos on canvas or a gift for a loved one
  • or simply want to do something just for yourself

Nude sessions are carried out in a PREMIUM version, meaning professional makeup at the highest level, beautiful interiors matched to the concept, and advanced beautifying retouching.

What does a nude session look like (organizationally)?

  • Simply send an inquiry you can include proposals for specific dates in it
  • choose the best option for yourself from my offer
  • before the session, you can consult on what to bring, how to prepare; you can send your own inspirations
  • after the session, you get previews to choose from with marked proposals of the best – my choice you can freely expand or change
  • you`ll receive a complete set of beautifully packaged photos in the form of prints and a decorative pendrive with the electronic version of the photos

What do you get as part of the session?

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Nude sessions are conducted in as a Premium service – this means that beyond booking the session, you don’t need to worry about anything. You get: help in preparing 

  • a beautiful location adapted to the purpose of the session (studio or session-adapted apartment)
  • booking a makeup artist, makeup at the session, and care during the session
  • 2-4 hours of work on set (depending on the option you choose)
  • selection and preliminary editing of photos
  • proposals of the best photos from me (you can then freely change or expand it)
  • detailed retouching of selected photos (including color grading, shaping, dodge & burn, frequency separation, and other ominously sounding terms)
  • prints on professional silk paper with excellent color reproduction and contrast

I publish selected real reviews, sent by email or taken from Google Maps and verified against the client list.

Nude Photography for Couples

Nude photography in a slightly more challenging setting for the photographer and probably much more exciting for the posing. Why is it a bigger challenge for the photographer? Simply more factors to consider when working on set. If my job is to make sure that every foot and hand is nicely placed and no belly sticks out – because there are twice as many hands, feet, and bellies here 🙃

However, we also have more creative possibilities here and more chances for truly unique photos.

While this type of session is a bit more work for the conscious photographer, from my observations, it’s much more fun for the posing people. Together as a team, it’s easier to relax, feel comfortable, and just have a good time on set. There are more creative ideas, more possibilities for poses, and the opportunity to add to the photos an element of a typical session for a couple that shows your relationship also in this, the most delicate sphere. Read more here.

What can I do with my photos?

Nude photos can become a unique keepsake, a work of art to be displayed in private space, or an element of a personal portfolio. You can hang the photos on the wall or order an album. Mini-albums sized 3.5×4 cm are very popular. Organizationally, we can adjust the session to the target medium (if you want an album, I will suggest a package that gives more photos to fill it) or the medium to the session (if you like 3 photos the most, we can create a triptych framed in an aluminum frame).

Nudes – myths and facts (FAQ)

A nude photo session takes place in an atmosphere of full trust and respect. The photographer collaborates with the model, helping them find the best poses and express emotions, as well as changing lighting settings to ensure the material is varied and there’s plenty to choose from. The goal is to create images that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also convey the depth and authenticity of the model.
A nude photo shoot is conducted in an atmosphere of complete trust and respect. The photographer collaborates with the model, helping them find the best poses and express emotions, as well as adjusting the lighting settings to ensure the material is varied and there’s plenty to choose from. The goal is to create images that are not only aesthetically beautiful but also capture the depth and authenticity of the model.
After the session, the process of selecting the best shots begins. Within 3 days of the session, you receive previews of all successful ones, with proposed ones highlighted. Then, the photos are retouched to maintain the naturalness and truthfulness of the image while making you look as beautiful as possible. The client makes the final decision in choosing the photos, ensuring that the final images fully reflect their vision.
Of course, there is no necessity, and the photos are stored safely on an encrypted medium. You can trust an experienced photographer to store data securely.
Nude sessions are conducted in a Premium option, and photos are always subjected to detailed retouching, including all general adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation, curves, color balance) and local ones (skin smoothing, shape improvement, highlighting strengths, shaping). Retouching here applies not only to the face but the entire body.
Of course, the cost of travel outside of Warsaw is 1.15 PLN / kilometer. We have the choice of local studios, apartments, or outdoor settings.
During the session, we work as a two-person team. Both I and the makeup artist have conducted hundreds of similar sessions. Stored photos are encrypted and inaccessible to third parties.
Of course, a nude session for a couple does not require extra charges, but it does provide a double dose of satisfaction.
Not at all, you can be a model and not pose nude, and no one will expect this from you at the start.
On the contrary, nudes require a lot of humility and self-acceptance. It’s normal to feel a bit stiff for the first quarter of an hour if you’re not experienced with the lens, but this quickly passes. The most common reaction after the session is surprise at the high level of psychological comfort but physical tiredness.
Preparing for a nude session is primarily about working on psychological comfort. It’s important to feel confident and relaxed. Light makeup and a natural look are recommended to emphasize the authentic beauty of the body. Physical preparation may include proper skin care. Never slim down for the session 🙂 After booking the session, you will receive a full guide on how to prepare.
For a nude session, it’s worth bringing a few accessories that can help express the character of the session, such as fabrics, jewelry, or other props. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have water and your favorite comfy shoes and a robe for comfort between shots.
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