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Nudity is not a taboo subject in the photography, thankfully. An artistic nude session may be a perfect way to capture your beauty in a creative way. Thanks to the tricks of light modification, you can look beautiful in photos even if your figure is far from ideal. Personally I don’t know anyone who’s decided for the nude photo session and left unhappy afterwards, and believe me I’ve done many of them.

The nude session may sound like you:

The nude session may sound like you:

  • if you have something to celebrate, like your anniversary, birthday, etc.
  • or, if you just feel like participating in one

I offer female sessions to women who are not experienced as models and look for support in this respect. You’re in the right place.

If you ask me, when to book the session for you, my answer will be: now. By this, I mean you shouldn’t wait and sleep on it, as you will only put it off in time infinitely. In particular, I don’t believe in promises like losing your weight before the session – self acceptance is the key, and available tools will hide all the imperfections and flaws you may think of. The right pose, lighting and editing will do the job, so you don’t have to sign up for the gym prior to the session.

Why should you choose the nude photo session?

Go for one, if

  • you want to boost your self-confidence
  • you want to activate your creativity
  • you want to ‘produce’ a unique bedroom features, like a canvas photo or a specially gift for the close person.

Sesje aktu są realizowane w wersji PREMIUM, co Nude sessions are the PREMIUM service, which gives you a professional high-end make up, interior scenery concept and a custom editing experience.

Where to start? How to book?

  • send enquiry
  • select the best option for you from the available offering
  • before the session, feel free to advise on what to wear, how to prepare yourself and send your inspirations
  • after the session you’ll receive the samples to choose from, together with my propositions which you can modify accordingly
  • you collect a set of beautifully packed photos in prints, and an occasional pendrive

What’s included in the price?

para pozuje do sesji aktu

Nude Sessions are the PREMIUM service, which means that after you book one, we take care of everything else. You’ll get:

  • my assistance all the way through
  • an adapted studio or apartament
  • make-up and the make-up artist assistance during the session (2-4 hours)
  • the freedom of photo choice, an initial photo editing
  • the best photos according to my professional taste (can be modified, expanded)
  • a precise editing of chosen photos (including grading, shaping, dodge&burn, frequency separation)
  • prints on professional silky paper with perfect colour and contrast reproduction


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