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What is a good business photo?

It’s a necessity, if you want to look professionally. It can be either a business portrait, a group photo, or a work-based collage.

The business portrait is designed to show your assets and professionalism.

The proper business portrait will earn you a high position among other applicants.

Order you business portrait session today. I offer seamless service, along with a tough photo editing.

Why do you need a good business portrait?

For your CV to stand out.

Good photos will not make your professional experience look better, but visually can increase your chances to be selected.

Good photos for your website

First impression counts. When visiting your website, the client will judge it by the photos.

Professional image

Since a lot of jobs demand to provide a professional photo of you, don’t let your dream job slip through your fingers because of the lack of good photos.

Limitless purpose

You can use the photos from our session for your CV, website, brochure or company leaflets.

A professional photo in your CV

Majority of hiring experts (the owner, the XEO, HR specialist) may say the looks is secondary in making their decision in hiring process, since it’s down to experience and skills, but the truth is that the initial decision is made in a couple of seconds based on the candidate’s looks

What is the business portrait?

It’s simply a business photo designed for your website, CV, or any other professional publication. Its aim is not to describe the actual object, but to showcase its strengths in the context of its business activity.

Usually, business photos are taken at the client’s company, with the help of the mobile studio lighting set I bring along.The photos include the group photos of employees, the employee photos while working, and /or their portraits. Our standard service entails the makeup artist (regardless of the number of participants in the given session)

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