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Professional wedding reportage ready in 14 day

fotografia ślubna - cennik

📸 15 years of experience

📸210 weddings

📸 540 wedding albums

📸 105,756 photos delivered

Wedding and engagement photography is not just my job and a passion for creating unique stories. It’s all about capturing your looks, smiles, tears of joy, and all the moments. Those seemingly small, but together, they compose an extraordinary tale. I invite you to explore my wedding photography offer.

O mnie

My name is Marcel, and I’ve been involved in wedding photography for several years. I focus on lively wedding reportage; always emotional and genuine. Not always entirely serious.

I live in Warsaw on a daily basis, but I photograph everywhere. Professionally, the farthest I’ve managed to go is to Krosno, Ryn Castle, and Szczecin in Poland, and abroad to London and Rome.

I deal with wedding photography and “around-wedding” photography because I have also photographed lookbook sessions for wedding fashion as well as reports from wedding fairs and accompanying shows. So far, I have managed to photograph over 200 weddings in at least 20 cities. That’s quite a lot of photos 😮 Yet, each assignment is unique and special, just like your love.

fotograf ślubny warszawa

Fotografia ślubna – co znajdziecie w mojej ofercie?

📸 At least 500 unique shots in digital format
📸 The fastest turnaround time in the market of 14 days for photo preparation
📸 Custom photo editing that highlights the best features
📸 An album design you can co-create online to ensure the project matches your preferences
📸 A password-protected online gallery with the option for guests to share and order prints and accessories
📸 Photos in a wooden box with a USB drive containing the digital photos and a set of pigment prints

fotografia ślubna warszawa

Fotografia ślubna krok po kroku

  1. Browse the photos 🙃
  2. Send an inquiry and check if your date is still available
  3. Make a preliminary reservation
  4. Drop by for a coffee to discuss details and view sample materials, or we can chat on Skype
  5. Get married 🙃
  6. Just 14 days after the wedding, come for the finished photos and the album design

Zdjęcia ślubne – czy naprawdę ich potrzebujemy?

Of all things, having good photos from your own wedding is a must! It’s a curious fact that two of my friends who complained the most about the lack of a photographer at their wedding ended up becoming wedding photographers themselves. Don’t take the risk! 🤣 Thanks to good photos, you can reminisce, show off to friends, or create a wedding album that will reign supreme on your living room shelf.

portret panny młodej - pałac domaniowski

Opinions about me:


I suggest editing with “soul” but in vibrant, natural colors, avoiding the popular gray tones and washed-out colors seen today. Editing significantly enhances the photos and highlights the uniqueness of the day and its beauty. However, the photos should also be detailed and technically correct, so you can even make very large prints from them. The naturalness of the editing ensures that everyone will find something in them for themselves years later.

Excessive editing and the use of too strong filters lead to the loss of details, which you will be curious about in some time. Today, you may not pay attention to it due to the strong emotions associated with the wedding, but years later, you will be curious about the true color of the dress, without artificially added beiges.

Experience in retouching helps me intervene in photos where needed to avoid redness on the face or stains on the wedding dress.

Sesja ślubna narzeczeńska we wrzosach

What are some worthwhile questions to ask a wedding photographer??

The wedding session on the wedding day is included in the price of every package and costs nothing. For a session on a different day, it’s either 600 or 900 PLN, depending on how much time we need to dedicate/take photos. You have two options: 2 hours/25 photos for the first, and 3 hours (or more) and 50 photos for the second. Travel outside of Warsaw for the wedding reportage is also always free. Basic package prices may vary slightly depending on the season, day of the week, and demand during that period. To check your date and prices, simply send an inquiry.
It will definitely come in handy, indeed! 🙂 I haven’t seen a wedding yet where the schedule worked out exactly, but it’s worth being prepared
Of course, each photo undergoes meticulous graphic editing, including adjustments to color, brightness, contrast, local contrast, framing, and any other necessary adaptations.

What you don’t need to ask because it’s always standard?

You don’t need to ask what equipment the photographer uses. After several years of working at weddings, every photographer tends to have their favorite brand and preferences, and the popular opinions on the internet about the “best camera for wedding photography” are highly misleading and influenced by advertisements.

Personally, I work with full-frame Canon cameras and medium-format Fuji, but I could also manage with Nikon, supplemented by Sony :p

You don’t need to ask if the photographer dresses appropriately for the occasion.

You don’t need to ask about data security. I always work with 2 professional cameras, each recording on 2 memory cards. This is the standard in today’s wedding photography.

You can read about my approach in the wedding photography – how do I photograph weddings?

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