Family portrait

fotografia rodzinna warszawaEverything passes. So do the fads in photography. What was popular yesterday can be uninteresting and obsolete today.

It doesn’t relate to family photos that grow in value over time and are rarely only a simple portrait. They always say something about the photographed family, showing mutual relationships and family warmth.

A good family portrait means not only the posing photos which document the way you look or are dressed, but also a story about you and the uniqueness of your family ties.

A session can be arranged in a professional studio, in beautiful palace interiors or your favourite park. The locations I cooperate most with are the Palace in Jablonna and Bellotto Hotel next to the Old Town in Warsaw.

A session can be organised as a separate event or on the occasion of a family gathering (e.g. First Communion or wedding anniversary)

As far as I’m concerned, I can guarantee the pleasant atmosphere during a session, understanding regarding the fact that not everyone can pose easily, and the help in arrangements, thanks to which every session request will be effortless and enjoyable, and the final effect will astonish all the participants.

Festive sessions (Warsaw)

A special kind of the family sessions are festive ones. They are mostly requested between the middle of November until the 5th of January and are dedicated to a group of people closest to one another.

Festive sessions are done in the area of Green Zoliborz, a specially customised location full of lights, festive gadgets, where each angle is a scenery and the festive atmosphere prevails.

Family ceremony photo coverage

A family portrait or group photos during a ceremony photo coverage, for instance, a wedding anniversary or First Communion.

In this case, it’s worth selecting a spot and the time for the family photo shoot.

Requesting a family event photo coverage, all you need is to indicate that you’d also like to have the group photos taken so I’ll have with me a set of proper lighting suited for family sessions