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family photographer

Family photo sessions are a good example when you want from your photos something that is invisible to the naked eye. This is where all the magic starts, and you’re starting to see the things visible only in the photos, and the camera lens becomes a magic ball.

Family photo sessions are also different from other sessions. Since the portraits, wedding or boudoir photographs can guarantee the perfect looks of yours, the family photos depict the relationship among its members rather than the single persons. The only exception are the maternity photos showcasing the beauty of pregnancy and its owner.

Let me tell you something, I’ve spent hours looking at the 100-year-old family photos still finding some new elements in them. Family sessions are time-resistant. Fads pass away, fashion comes and go, and family photos will stay with us for good, and are something personal to us. A genuinely good family portrait creates a unique story of our family and unbreakable bonds.


Photo session of a family celebration/ party

The family portrait or the posed group photography can be taken on the occasion of the celebration reportage, for instance a wedding anniversary or First Communion.

On this note, you should look for the right place and choose the right time for your family photo session.

When booking a family party reportage, just add in a comment box that you also want a group photos taken, and I shall bring the required set of lighting.

Holiday sessions

The holiday sessions are a specific type of other family sessions. Mostly they’re organised during the Easter and Christmas celebrations and involve the closest ones to us.

Holiday sessions take place in a specially adopted location and scenery full of lighting and…. gadgets to create the right festive atmosphere.

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