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Everything you would like to know about wedding photography, but don’t yet know it’s worth asking.

Wedding photography. 15 years of work as a wedding photographer brings me a flood of emotions, moments of tenderness, and satisfaction from the trust of over 200 couples, as well as wedding fair organizers and wedding dress designers.

Over this time, I have collected many beautiful memories but also answers to questions that you often ask 🙂

Because the situation is such that you already know that you are meant for each other. But is my offer right for you? What will you want to ask your photographer sooner or later, even if you don’t know it yet?

In the shortest terms, what sets me apart is my ability to showcase beauty (with several years of experience in portrait and beauty photography) and my sense of humor. For all other questions, you will find the answers below:

Color or Black and White?

As you can see below, color makes a big difference. Usually, photos are taken with the decision in mind whether they should be in color or BW. If color is important in the photo – of course, it should be in color. If shape (because there are such compositional figures as repetitions, symmetry, multi-level scenes, etc.) is more significant, then the black and white version will work better. I have encountered a few couples who really wanted a color version of black and white photos. From my side, I vouch for my choice, but since then, I’ve been giving my clients a color version of the black and white photos as a bonus.


How many photos will we receive?

The goal of a photographer is always to deliver as many beautiful photos as possible. The nature of wedding photography work is such that a lot of photos are taken. There’s no need to purchase additional packages because I deliver all successful and unique photos (so there are not several similar ones in the series). What are considered unsuccessful photos? Those that are technically incorrect or someone looks unflattering in them.

Besides, everything depends on the wedding; the bare minimum is 500 for a traditional wedding with a reception up to the bridal veil dance. If photographing preparations, if guests are having a good time and dancing at the wedding, there will be many more.

In what style will you edit our photos?

The editing style I prefer can be seen in the photo above and throughout my portfolio. I strive to ensure the photos have a nice reproduction of skin colors and are quite natural. I avoid types of editing that cause image destruction (loss of tone and color data).

Of course, photos can be edited in various ways; gone are the days when a photographer was chained to one style of editing. The photos I take have a lot of flexibility (meaning, for example, they can be brightened or darkened extensively without losing data).

Can we book an engagement session? An album?

You can 🙂 Albums in packages are much more cost-effective (per piece).

How will we handle an emergency situation?

You don’t have to worry that I won’t capture an important moment of the wedding or that a memory card will fail. I work with 2 cameras (2 memory cards in each), and a third one rides in the trunk. You should be concerned about the weather, but you can deal with it using umbrellas (I recommend partially-transparent ones).

Photographer or wedding photographer?

In my case, definitely a photographer. Besides wedding photography, I also specialize in women’s sessions, business portraits, event photography, and run photography courses.

Personally, I believe a versatile photographer who has shot 200 weddings is better than a “wedding photographer” with only 28 weddings in their portfolio. In my opinion, mastering other fields greatly contributes to wedding photography and broadens the perspective. However, I know there are couples who are looking only for typical wedding photographers. That’s not me.

Outdoor session on the wedding day or another day?

I’ll admit without hesitation that sessions tend to be more successful on a different day. On the wedding day, you are busy, have a lot to take care of, and guests to chat with. And it certainly doesn’t make sense to lose 2 hours of this special day on something that you can do another time. Of course, many photographers encourage couples to opt for a session on the wedding day so as not to dedicate an additional day to it. On the other hand, if the session is on a different day, you usually need to visit the hairdresser/makeup artist again. Usually – which means that a session in a gown with wedding makeup and in a dress is not at all mandatory, just as a love story is not composed only of moments in a gown. If the session is on the wedding day, you do not pay extra for it.

It’s not possible to edit 500 wedding photos in 14 days!

Indeed, it’s possible, and to be honest, no one takes that long to edit them. An efficient retoucher will select from several thousand photos in 1-2 days and edit them in the next 3. Long lead times always result from a lack of efficiency or an ineffective workflow, causing a pile of orders to grow over months while newlyweds wait for their cherished photos, even though nothing is happening with them. With me, things happen, and that’s the whole secret.

What unexpected bonuses will we receive?

Well if I`ll reveal them here, they won’t be unexpected anymore.

Rest assured, I’ve prepared some special surprises that will delight you along with your photo package. These are designed to enhance your experience and give you something extra to look forward to, beyond the beautiful photos of your special day.

Want to know more?

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! More information about the services and the offer itself can be found in the wedding photography section – price list and offer.

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