How to order a photo session?

Do you dream of beautiful photos but have no experience ordering a photoshoot? Here are 3 ways to order a session so that it meets your expectations:

Just write down what the purpose of the session is and what is important to you?

If you need an extensive session with high-end retouching like for the cover of your favorite magazine, then the EASY session might not be sufficient. However, if you want polaroids or a test shoot, you don’t have to order a session for several thousand zlotys.

I haven’t conducted all types of sessions, but you can usually trust my experience in organizing them; just tell me what matters to you and what is important to you, and I will suggest the best option.

For example, if you want to give your husband a unique album for your anniversary, and you’re not a model and you think your figure isn’t perfect; I will advise you to go for the Premium session, which includes at least 20 photos (to fill the album) with full retouching (for stunning results), and the offer will include several album options.

Send some examples

Are you looking to book a session but aren’t sure what you don’t know and what questions to ask? 🤔

Simply send inspirations, for example as an attachment to the form below or directly to my email (you’ll find it in the bottom right corner of the page on your computer or at the very bottom on your phone). Let them be similar to what you want to achieve. They can be my photos or examples. A quick look at the examples will help me understand if a session with makeup changes, multiple makeup changes, or without makeup is needed, whether it should be outdoors, in a studio, or a special apartment, and roughly how many light settings we need to achieve the desired effect.

What`s your budget?

Fortunately, I have fixed prices for each component. If I were to price each session individually, I would probably go crazy, and it wouldn’t be entirely fair to the clients. That’s why you can openly tell me what budget you have, and I’ll propose the most advantageous option for you.

Can I have my own….

Can I have my own makeup? Location for the session?

Absolutely! In that case, you avoid associated fees. Keep in mind that makeup for a session can be somewhat specific (slightly heavier than usual), especially when working with flash lighting. Similarly, a very beautiful interior sometimes may not be suitable for a session due to its small size (for the best effect, space is needed for lighting and modifiers). Unfortunately, modern architecture tends to lean towards miniaturization.

To determine if your location is suitable for the session or if we need any logistics, the simplest way is to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, we can talk online, meet in person, or meet at the location and create a preliminary session plan. This will make the actual session much smoother. The amount spent on the consultation will help you avoid spending a much larger amount on an unsuitable location.

Is a travel session possible?

A session can be combined with a trip, especially if you’ll have access to a unique location at some point. Often, it’s easier and cheaper to fly an experienced photographer from another country than to hire an expensive local. For international sessions, I’m usually happy to travel at cost, and for travel within the country, it’s 1.6 PLN / km (information from early 2024 :)). Is a trip included in the ticket price possible in your location / time? Just ask!

Let me know!


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