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Agata 3 years later. A studio photoshoot

modelka pozuje do sesji zdjęciowej

Photography may refer to an old life’s quote ‘nothing is perfect’, that is nothing is either genuinely black or white. In theory one can say something is perfectly white or black. But, between theory and practice, only theory remains unchanged.…

Nude. Body and light, so “this other”

kobiecy biust na czarno białym zdjęciu

Body detail. This is one of the session types mostly requested for a gift. There’s nothing better than to hang a beautiful artistic nude picture in your living room for your guests to admire, who due to the creative lighting…

Wedding photos: Edyta & Steve

ślub polsko szkocki

Edyta and Steve. One of the most touching weddings organised last year, alongside the most picturesque scenery. How moving the ceremony was could be proved scientifically, since the marriage counsellor almost burst in tears, and it hadn’t been the first…