Photo sessions as a gift – vouchers

Looking for a gift idea? I’ll prepare a custom voucher for you, I’ll advise on the package so it looks stunning and smells of memories and also feels great in touch (silky). This is a surprise that will bring excitement you’re looking for.

4 ways to give a photo session as a gift

  • First, you can give someone a decorative, paid voucher for a photo session. The gifted person can book their session within the time frame of the voucher (6 months from the purchase)
  • Second, you can surprise your other half or a spouse with a couple session (anniversary, engagement, nude studio sessions, or outdoors) by handing them a gift voucher of your choice.
  • Third, you can take part in a photo session yourself and give your partner or leave to yourself a beautifully prepared album with your photos. As for this one, nude and boudoir photos lead the way.
  • Fourth, you can buy a monetary voucher. The gifted person will be able to buy any session from the listing via the website and eventually pay the difference depending on the session and the voucher value.

I highly recommend to book your session in advance, since you already know your birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s day dates, so that I can create a personalised voucher for you. Yet if you book last minute, I always have some ready-made vouchers available.

So, If you want to surprise a close person with a memorable photo sessions as described above, choose the best voucher that meets your needs.

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