About me

Hello there, my name is Marcel Zaborski, I am a professional photographer.

For the last 10 years I’ve managed to realise more than one hundred photo sessions for companies and individuals and commemorated over 100 weddings, and photographed more than a few thousand people.

Personally, I treat photography as self-searching; professionally, it is simply making the photographed people feel comfortable, so that they look in their photos better than in reality.

I enjoy giving others photographic gifts, therefore on the website you’ll find a shop where I offer most attractive photo products (such as exclusive albums, miniature albums, photos in glass and genuine wooden boxes)

I live in Warsaw and this is where I photograph mostly, but I also work in other cities and abroad. So far, I’ve taken photos, among others, in Szczecin, Ryn Castle, Krosno and Wroclaw, and outside Poland – in Rome and London.

I own a photographer ID entitled to photograph church ceremonies, with a lucky number 999

I do studio and outdoor photo sessions for:

I offer help in posing and a pleasant atmosphere during the session to all interested in a photo shoot.

I don’t do communion photography, school photo sessions, culinary or architecture photography, nor aerial or documentary one. Still, if you contact me on this, I’ll be happy to advise you on where to go.

Should you still have questions to which you didn’t find the right answers on this website, I’ll be happy to help.

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